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제목 WFES Abu Dhabi 2018 작성일 2018-08-14

Thank you for visiting our booth in WFES Abu Dhabi 2018.

It was possible from your hottest interests and inquires for our products to become one of the most popular booths in this exhibition.

The show was successfully completed and we expect the finest results.

It would be a great honour to receive your feedbacks on the following our products.






1. I-Roof Plus




2. Solar Roof Plus





3. Blind Type



4. Solar Roof




5. Lightweight… flexible…  boundless… PV Modules

          For membrane flat roofs and metal sheet roofs

          For mobile solutions




We always welcome your inquiries and feedbacks for our products.

We promise that we will do our best to meet your needs and demands with our qualified products.


You can view more details from our web site : 

[2018 국제그린에너지엑스포] 아이솔라에너지, 솔라루프시스템 선봬
Green Energy Expo DAEGU 2018